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Steve's Hallmark provides a wide variety of items that are sure to add an extra-personal touch to your garden.  An elegant windchime, a cute animal statue, or a color flag adds grace and beauty to your patio or garden area.  There’s no shortage of choices to be found here. Enjoy browing the wide selection.

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Happiness Lives Here Blue Bird Ornament with Charm and Poem Card
  • $14.99


Hallmark 2022 Baby Boy’s First Christmas Blue Bird Ornament
  • $15.99
  • $7.99
Acrylic Two-Tone Hummingbird Ornament
  • $17.99
Blue, Purple, or Clear Iridescent Hummingbird Ornament
  • $8.99
Acrylic Rainbow Hummingbird Ornament
  • $15.99