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Our Name Is Mud collection was started by artist and designer Lorrie Veasey. Lorrie’s designs reflect her vivacious personality through bold colors and witty sentiments. She strives to produce objects that are functional as well as fun for the perfect addition to any home.  Our best sellers are the Whatevever clocks and mugs, the favorite child mugs, and the desk plaques.

5 products found in Our Name is Mud

3 Wise Women Tea Towel by Our Name is Mud
  • $12.99
Dr. Seuss Cindy Lou and Grinch Stealing Tree Mug
  • $17.99
Dr. Seuss Mean Grinch Mug
  • $17.99
3 Wise Women Glitter Mug by Our Name is Mud
  • $14.99
3 Wise Women Apron by Our Name is Mud
  • $20.99