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Sam J. Butcher desired to reach out to people with a message of God's love. To convey his message, Sam began drawing the endearing teardrop-eyed children he called “Precious Moments” for family and friends. Then in 1978, the Original 21 Precious Moments figurines were released to worldwide acclaim and a new collecting and gift-giving tradition was born. Around the world, Precious Moments became known for its beautiful, hand-painted porcelain bisque figurines celebrating love, faith, family, and friendship.

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Precious Moments Disney Dumbo Bank Savings Lift You Up Resin
  • $25.00
Precious Moments Disney Genie Figurine Enjoy Your Freedom
  • $55.99
Precious Moments Disney Showcase Collection Girl As Cinderella Rotating Musical
  • $49.99
Precious Moments I Have Found The One My Soul Loves Figurine
  • $80.99
Precious Moments First Communion Cross Girl
  • $15.99
Precious Moments First Holy Communion Girl
  • $42.99
Growing In Grace Age 15 Blonde Girl Figurine
  • $49.99
Growing In Grace Age 14 Blonde Girl Figurine
  • $49.99
Growing In Grace Age 11 Blonde Girl Figurine
  • $45.99
Birthday Train Age 13 You Mean The Moose To Me Bisque Porcelain Figurine
  • $37.99
Growing In Grace Age 3 Blonde Girl Figurine
  • $35.99
Growing In Grace Age 2 Brunette Girl Figurine
  • $38.00
Disney Birthday Parade Eight Is Great, Age 8, Figurine
  • $35.00
Disney Birthday Parade Make A Splash On Your Birthday, Age 4, Resin Figurine
  • $35.00
Disney Birthday Parade Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo – Now You're Two!, Age 2, Figurine
  • $35.00
Disney Birthday Parade May Your Birthday Be The Fairest Of Them All, Age 1, Figurine
  • $35.00
PRE-ORDER Disney Precious Moments Lilo and Stitch Riding Tricycle Porcelain Figurine 4.5"
  • $64.99
Precious Moments We Will Be Friends Until Forever Disney Winnie The Pooh Rotating Musical
  • $59.99