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Like all great ideas, Kathy’s started with a challenge – trying to find unique products for her paint studio and retail store in Lancaster, PA she owned with her Mother for over 10 years. In 1997, Kathy made her first primitive candle box by hand, taking care into each detail from the sanded edges to the type of ribbon tied on the wire handles, each was a work of passion. As Primitives by Kathy grows, the company works to give back, starting with an initial relationship with Goodwill Services and expanding into several more charitable causes held both by the company and those the company supports on behalf of their employees. They are constantly inspired by the people, places and things around us. Kathy travels the world to pull inspiration first hand from cultures around the globe. Look for all of Primitives by Kathy for inspirational, fun, sarcastic, and heart-warming gifts and home decor. You'll want to have one for yourself and another for someone you care about.

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Wood Sign - I Can't Say I Love You Enough So This is Your Reminder
  • $8.99
Wood Sign - You Are The Peanut to My Butter Best to My Friend
  • $17.99
Wood Sign - You It Was Always You
  • $15.99
20 Oz. Mug I Freaking Love You
  • $19.99
Natural Wood Block Sign In the Middle of My Chaos There Was YOU
  • $9.99
Box Sign You Are My Favorite Hello And My Hardest Goodbye
  • $11.99
Wood Sign - Love You Babe
  • $10.99
Red Hinged Wood Box I Love Us
  • $14.99
Box Sign You Are The Flip to My Flop
  • $9.99
Box Sign I Would Find You Sooner Love You Longer
  • $21.99
Slat Box Sign Love You To The Moon and Back
  • $19.99
Mini Box Sign I Can't Say I Love You Enough So This Is Your Reminder
  • $9.99

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Rustic Box Sign You Are My Favorite Pain In the Ass
  • $9.99
Colorful Block Sign Just Want To Say I Love You
  • $11.99
Colorful Block Sign I Freaking Love You
  • $14.99
Moon Phases Block Sign I Love You To the Moon
  • $12.99
Natural Wood Block Sign You Are My Sun My Moon and My Stars
  • $11.99
Box Sign Love You To The Moon And Back
  • $9.99